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About Us

  Adornment is one of the oldest forms of self-expression and Mander Jewelry takes great pleasure in providing people with exotic and vibrant opportunities to express their true colors. The materials used in items from our collections are customizable from a selection of premium metals and gemstones which gives you the ability to coordinate every detail of your own unique look.  We specialize in manufacturing one of a kind, custom jewelry from concept to finished product.  By combining the use of modern technology, and the skills of old world craftsmanship we are able to produce the highest quality of jewelry available.

Fashion and style are always the main motivation for every design and in that spirit lives our proud history of producing jewelry to commemorate the most important moments in your life. Honored to be a part of those moments, Mander Jewelry feels a tremendous sense of duty to ensure quality products that will last a lifetime. The designer and jewelers work in unison, putting their hearts into every piece of jewelry.

Mander Jewelry is psychedelic, romantic, luxurious, trendsetting, edgy, modern, and stands as a beautiful reflection and symbol of the never-ending significance of personal and universal love. Mander Jewelry employees are passionate about the industry and have immense knowledge about the history, trends, and technical information which factors into their profound understanding of where the future of jewelry is headed.

Being members of this global community full of invisible borders, Mander Jewelry understands the importance of being a socially and environmentally conscious company. All the materials that are used to produce our jewelry are sourced from conflict free environments. All our jewelry is handcrafted in New York City by incredibly skilled and experienced jewelers. Every step of the process, from design to selection of raw materials, to packaging, is personally overseen by Theodore Mander, founder and Creative Director of Mander Jewelry to ensure that all the elements of the business comply with the highest standards.

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